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This section shows a recipe book so you can taste the lightness and goodness of our spelt.

The recipes for the first group of dishes, prepared by our Chef Massimo Bomprezzi, will be available soon.


Bread with spelt and split spelt flour
Wholemeal spelt baguette with pecorino, loin, ham and sprouts
Tapas with scented conchigliette
Burrata filled with spelt salad
Spelt tagliatelle with seafood sauce and pumpkin cream
Spelt tagliatelle with Marche ragù sauce
Orecchiette with locally sourced sausage, cabbage and potato cream
Spelt spaghetti, parmesan cream, tomato and paccasassi
Millefoglie Lasagna with white meat ragu, besciamel and vegetables
Spelt risotto with pumpkin cream, roast bacon and Lacrima di Morro d'Alba
Spelt with saffron sauce and fish
Spelt with seasonal vegetables (vegetarian dish)
Spelt salad with fish and vegetables
Vegetable soup
Spelt biscuits


Sicilian cannoncini with ricotta filling, spelt, chocolate drops and grated lemon
Spelt crackers with crème patissière, chocolate cream and mixed wild berries
Spelt chocolates, split spelt and ganache cream