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The company stands out for having a supply chain which is entirely organic. Through years of work, Monterosso has managed to enter the world of biodiversity, a dynamic market, both nationally and internationally.


Organic Certification - issued by the Suolo and Salute certification body

Certifies the organic production of both the land management and the finished product (pasta, spelt and flour)

Vegetal patent of the "Monterosso Select" seed issued by the Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies for purifying the quality of "Triticum dicoccum" spelt


They ensure and guarantee the quality and safety of the products. Required by foreign markets and by GDO


Certifies that the product is made respecting the principles of the Jewish religion


Self-monitoring protocol aimed at preventing the possible contamination of food


2004 NIAF Award

Recognition in Washington from NIAF "National Italian American Foundation" for high quality standards in the Italian agri-food sector

NIP 2008 Award

Recognition from the NIP "Nazionale Pizzaioli Italiani" for the production of high quality pizza with alternative flours

Green Agriculture Flag 2003, 2008

A recognition which rewards businesses that have distinguished themselves in the policies of environmental and landscape protection, also for tourism purposes, in the rational use of the soil, in the valorisation of typical products linked to the territory, in the work aimed at improving the living and economic conditions of agricultural operators and more generally of citizens

Award "una provincia di apifarfalle" 2004

An award to people who have distinguished themselves for having contributed to the economic and social development of the province

Award for history and biodiversity 2010

Award from Papillon Club, a national association whose purpose is the rediscovery of the originality of a popular culture through taste

Acknowledgment for "noble marchigiani and Italian products" 2014

Science, gastronomy, education for the promotion of food culture

Certificate of quality and excellence "la Leccornia"

Spelt and spelt pasta excellence from the Marche hills

Portonovo Award 2004

International recognition of arts, culture, entrepreneurship and enogastronomy

CIA Award at EXPO 2015 "Women in the field, protagonists of the future"

Award to the entrepreneurs who make the 'Sistema Italia' great. Prestigious recognition for the best national representative in the production and processing of spelt