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Spelt is the oldest known cereal, a connection with man that dates back to the Neolithic period. In Roman times it was the staple food of the glorious legions.

Monterosso Select is our spelt, with unique properties, rich in protein, fibre, potassium and vitamins. It is an organic cereal by nature, as thanks to its foliaceous mass it can be grown without the use of fertilizers and pesticides, and it is well suited to nutrient-poor soils withstanding low temperatures and pests. For ten years the company has selected the seed Triticum dicoccum, the most ancient and valued type of this cereal, in collaboration with CERMIS, and this is why our seed is constantly maintained pure through a process that combines tradition and innovation ensuring a production with high quality standards.

It is thanks to Lea Luzi, and to her daughter Leila Segoni, that today Monterossa is proud of a product qualified as "typical" of the Marche Region.

Triticum dicoccum: a fascinating project

Farro, thanks to its rich nutritive properties, is a fully fledged part of the Mediterranean diet culture. The history of our product, highly certified, began with the ingenious intuition of requalifying the Triticum dicoccum, the most ancient and noble variety of spelt, respecting the strict criteria of organic farming.

The transformation of spelt into flour is carried out by grinding using a stone mill which, thanks to its low processing temperature, keeps the germinal and nutritive substance of the seed unaltered. Our pasta, made exclusively with Monterosso Select spelt flour, is dried at a low temperature (38-42° C) for about three days and bronze wire-drawn.